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Walking with Dogs

Mount Ruffmore Welcomes You With Open Paws

The Care Your Pet Deserves

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Mount Ruffmore

Our Motto

At Mount Ruffmore we believe that dogs deserve to be pampered. Our canine friends meet us at the door with tails wagging, and smiles on their faces.  They love us whether we deserve it or not. So for all the love they give you, why not give something back. How about a trip to the spa! You will see the difference when you pick them up, happy and proud of the way they look. Well groomed doggies are happier, healthier, and more outgoing. Nothing compares to the look of a professional groom.

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Happy Pets, Happy Family

Here your furry friend will be given the presidential treatment. We use only the most up to date equipment, and keep up with all the current grooming trends. Knowing that human skin and dog skin is different, we use only premium shampoos that are made specifically for their skin. Dog shampoos for dogs, human shampoos for humans. With many products to choose from, we can find the one that is best suited for your dog’s skin and coat.

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A gentle approach to grooming is always taken. We at Mount Ruffmore never hit, punch, or strike your canine family member. Dogs being groomed can sometimes misbehave, but we understand. They are only worried about their safety, and striking them only makes it worse. That is why we have been able to groom many dogs that other facilities have refused to groom.

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Tips for a Happy Groom


Before Their Groom

  • Walk & exercise your pet prior to the grooming appointment.

  • Do not feed your pet for 2 hours prior to your grooming appointment.

  • When dropping your pet off, tell him or her in a confident cheerful voice to have a good time and you’ll see him or her soon. The more anxious you appear to your pet, the more anxious your pet will become. If you are confident then they will be confident too!

  • Please pick up your pet at the requested finish time. Showing up early can excite  your pet and we may not be able to finish scissoring safely.

New Customer Information

It’s important to begin good grooming habits for Dogs at a young age, if possible. Grooming gets them used to things like bathing, drying, brushing, combing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. This also sets a good foundation for the overall wellness of your pet. The added benefits of grooming for owners is less hair and less dander in your home environment.

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2649 S Lapeer Rd, Orion Charter Township, MI 48360, USA

Tuesday - Friday  open at 9am

(248) 783-7137

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Walking with Dogs
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